Date of Event: 06/05/2021
Number of Passengers:
Pickup Time:
Pickup Loaction(s):
Where do you want your guests to go?:
What type of vehicle?: 25 Passenger People Mover
How many do you need?:
When do you want them to be picked up again?:
Where do you want to be taken back to?:
Any special instructions for your event that will help us?: Wedding ceremony is at family cabin in Donnelly on lee way, guests will arrive at cabin around 2pm. Reception is at Jug Mountain Ranch starting around 4pm. The ceremony will have around 30 people and the reception will have an additional 30-40, with a total of 60-70 guests. We are wanting to find a shuttle option where we find a neutral spot for those going to the ceremony, where we can have a shuttle pick them up and bring them to my cabin (would only be 10-15 people needing a ride there). We would then need to shuttle those at the ceremony over to jug mountain for the reception. As well as pick up the additional guests at the neutral site to take them to jug mountain (20-25 people). The reception will be open bar, so want to give everyone the option to take the shuttle back to the neutral site or hotel/cabin at the end of the night. Hard to describe it all is writing without knowing the full details or how many people will actually be able to come with the pandemic.
Contact Person(s): Samantha Brandon
Contact Person at the event?:
If this is for a wedding; the Bride & Groom’s Name: Samantha Brandon & Nicholas Hughes
Billing Name:
Billing Address:
State: ID
Zip Code:
Phone Number: (208) 921-8284
Responsible Party: Nick
Preferred Billing Method?: Card