Mabie/Smith Wedding- Brundage- 100PAX- Sharon

8:30 am start at Brundage for safe ride home. Round 1 8:30pm – 845pm to a “Central Location(TBD)” Round 2: 9:30pm – 9:45pm to same location.   approx elapse time 4 hours  

Teunissen & Naher Wedding- Brundage Mt. 100-250PAX- Jeff, Jim, 4225Sharon

Bree Teunissen and Jeff Naher Wedding – 8/11 – 1:00 pm Leave Holiday Inn with Groomsmen 1:15 pm Leave Shore Lodge with Bridalparty 1:40 pm/1:30 Pm will begin rounds to gather all Ceremony Guests 4:45 pm will begin reception guests to Shore Lodge pick ups Please see notes on file for all specifics.    

MDHS- School to Brundage- 229PAX- 6Buses

Dave, Jeff, Kat, Brandi, Judy and Dorothy 3/8 @ 8:15 am Load at High School for Brundage trip Leave 5 Buses, take one back (Judy’s) 2:00pm Load at Brundage for return to school

Webb/Smith Wedding- Brundage Mt.- PAX 75 2 buses(Sharon) & Dave

Pax 75-150   3pm Start loading Shore Lodge, 1299 Warren Wagon Rd, Hotel McCall 1299 Warren Wagon, need to meet guests at Warren Wagon(TA Boydstun st to Hays) 2- 44 passenger buses to Brundage Mt Return times are 8-11 pm ALL INFORMATION IS TO BE DETERMINED AND WILL BE CONFIRMED IN MAY(ISH)

Student Exchange Program to Brundage (Sharon) PAX 40 – Bus 55

PAX 40 12:45pm Load @ Community Congregational Church (901 N. 1st McCall) Take Students to Brundage Ski Resort (3890 Goose Lake Rd, McCall) 4:15pm Load @ Brundage Take Students back to Community Congregational Church (901 N. 1st St, McCall) Contact @ Event: Bridgid

Jenna Tinnerello & Gage Strickland Wedding (Sharon #55)

PAX 40   2:00p Rivers Bend Condos to Brundage Mt. 5.00p Brundage Mt. to Ruperts. Standby 8:00p Start transporting back to Condos(event ends at 10p) Last trip no later that 10:30p   Shannon Berry 208-315-0645 Event Contact  

WARD WEDDING -Roger -#55

PAX 25 2:00pm Load @ Idaho dept of Labor 2:10pm Holiday Inn 2:20pm Albertsons Parking lot 2:30 Possible load at 239 Pinedale