McCall Airport and Boise Airport Holiday Inn

Date of Event: 08/30/2021 :
Number of Passengers: 25
Pickup Time: 12noon
Pickup Loaction(s): Carey Creek
Where do you want your guests to go?: Airport Holiday Inn, Boise
What type of vehicle?: 25 Passenger People Mover
How many do you need?: 1
When do you want them to be picked up again?:
Where do you want to be taken back to?:
Any special instructions for your event that will help us?: River Discovery participants will be coming off the river with a stop in Riggins to grab a snack, then a stop at McCall Airport to drop off 1-3 people, then down to Boise to the Airport Holiday Inn
Contact Person(s): Betsy Carver
Contact Person at the event?: Betsy Carver
If this is for a wedding; the Bride & Groom’s Name:
Billing Name: River Discovery
Billing Address: PO Box 8336
City: Boise
State: ID
Zip Code: 83707
Phone Number: (208) 303-0040
Responsible Party: River Discovery
Preferred Billing Method?: Check